Here’s our first podcast!


14 thoughts on “Podcast E01- TOP 5 HEIST MOVIES

  1. Hi guys, Loved this first podcast! Please keep it up! Very entertaining, love your interactions even when I cannot see you and get very good tips on things to watch.
    Could you do a top 5 anime or Ghibli films? Also a top 5 korean movies and Japanese.
    Thanks! ❤️


  2. Loved your podcast. I find A Fish Called Wanda an interesting heist movie. Given what you discussed, would you want to go a little cheesy and do a segment on the best love stories? 🙂


  3. You did great guys! Added some movies to my watchlist and remembered some I didn’t think about in a long time. A couple of fun heist movies that I liked as a kid are The Italian Job (2003) and How to Steal a Million (1966). Good idea with the podcast! Now it’s easier to listen to you and check imdb.com for the movies, actors, etc. (without being distracted by your very cool videos, of course!).


  4. Tack, för att ni laddade upp även för oss som inte har iTunes. Jag stod och lagade mat medan jag lyssnade på er – och så mysigt det var!
    Hoppas verkligen att ni fortsätter göra podcasts. Ni är verkligen grymma!


    PS! Grattis, till så många följare på YouTube nu. Ni förtjänar det verkligen! 🙂


  5. Hey lovely guys,
    I´m a big fan of nearly everything you did so far, but mustard on movies were my favorite videos. So when you mentioned to stop the videos and start a podcast, at first I was a bit concerned, but it is such a great idea! I have more to hear and even a new level experience, because I can browse imdb within plus you have less work because of the editing. Win win 🙂


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