This episode is all about the funny moments we remember from our favourite films! David reveals his favourite comedy of all time.
also as always, loads of other movie news and reviews!



One thought on “#03 – TOP 5 FUNNY MOMENTS

  1. Hello, hello, hello!! (I’m channeling David’s intro from Episode 2, which I think should be you’re official intro.)

    Just letting you know I’m loving the podcast and I have a suggestion for a future episode. Top 5 Animal Movies. Movies where animals are the main characters, either live action or animated. For example, my favorite is Homeward Bound. (Feel free to steal that one if you want!)

    Anyway, keep up the great work. I’m actually enjoying these (a little) more than the videos, because I like the longer format and hearing you just have an unedited conversation.

    Love from America!


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