This episode is all about the French quirky classic Amelie. We will also list our top 3 french movies of all time. 

Listen to what movies we are looking forward to and our take on the Brangelina break up and Louis Theroux’s Scientology documentary.



3 thoughts on “#06 – IF YOU LIKED AMELIE, YOU’LL LOVE…

  1. We enjoyed your new episode! We also love Amelie, so it was nice to get to hear about related movies and more French movies to explore. Thank you for explaining the phrase ‘kitchen sink drama.’ When you first said it, we thought you meant something else entirely. In US English – we don’t know about anybody else’s – we have the saying ‘everything but the kitchen sink.’ That means that whatever it is – a packing list, a shop, etc. – has every single thing imaginable in it except a kitchen sink. So we thought you were talking about the scope or contents of the movie. But it was fun to hear another explanation relating to that phrase. We look forward to your next episode 🙂


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